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1.(A)It was dangerous to live in.

2.(B)A storm

3.(B)They were trapped in an underground elevator.

4.(C)They sent supplies to keep the miners warm.

5.(D)Close some of its post office.

6.(C)Stopping mail delivery on Saturdays.

7.(A)Many post office staff will lose their jobs.


8.(D)He will lose part of his pay.

9.(B)He is a trustworthy guy.

10.(D)She is better at handling such matters.

11.(C)He is always trying to stir up trouble.


13.(A)They stay quiet

14.(C)She was never invited to a colleague’s home.

15.(B)Houses provide more privacy


16.(D)They will automatically be given hiring priority.

17.(C)Visit the school careers service.

18.(B)Supervising study spaces to ensure a quiet atmosphere.

19.(C)It may be sold at a higher price.

20.(A)It is healthier than green tee.

21.(D)It does not have a stable market.

22.(B)They prefer unique objects of high quality.

23.(B)They could only try to create at night.

24.(A)Make wise choices.

25.(A)To boost the local economy.














Can Barglars Jam Your Wirless Security System?












46.(B)He intends to get rid of the tipping practice.

47.(C)It forces the customer to comensate the waiter.

48.(D)They can have some say in how much their servers earn.

49.(A)Services quality has little effect on tip size.

50.(D)Waiters should be paid by employers instead of customers.

51.(C)The impact of cheap oil on global economic growth.

52.(D)Consumers will spend their savings from cheap oil on other commodities.

53.(C)They use their money reserves to back up consumption.

54.(B)Its negative effects more than cancel out its positive effects.?

55.(A)People are not spending all the money they save on gas.



In Chinese culture, red symbolizes good luck, longevity and happiness. Therefore, red can be seen everywhere on the Spring Festival and other happy occasions. Cash is often enclosed in a red envelope when given as a gift to family members and close friends. Another reason why red is popular in China is that people connect it with China’s revolution and the Communist Party. However, red does not always mean good luck and happiness because in the old days, names of the dead were written in red, and thus writing Chinese names in red is considered an offensive act.



With China’s reform and opening up, many young people tend to hold Western-style weddings these days. The bride wears a white wedding dress at the wedding, because white is considered as a symbol of purity. However, in traditional Chinese culture, white is often used in funerals, so be sure to remember that white flowers must not be used as a gift to the patient, especially not to the seniors or patients in critical conditions. Similarly, the cash gift cannot be packed in a white envelope, but in a red envelope.



In Chinese culture, yellow is a very important color because of its unique symbolic meaning. In feudal society, it symbolizes the rulers’ power and authority. At that time, yellow was the color for the emperor. The royal palace was entirely painted yellow and the imperial robe was always yellow too, but common people were forbidden to wear yellow clothes. In China, yellow also symbolizes harvest. When crops ripe in autumn, fields turn entirely golden. People celebrates the good harvest happily.




Job hunting becomes increasingly tough for college students, for it is not only hard to be hired with a satisfying salary, but also difficult to choose a suitable work place. More and more students are to face the options between a state-owned business and a joint venture. As for me, I definitely prefer the latter.?

From a personal perspective, the joint venture generally offers a higher salary than the state-owned enterprise, which tends to meet the high expectation from me. As is universally known, with more money paid, more passion will be devoted to work. On the community level, the joint venture always possesses a more cooperative meanwhile more competitive working atmosphere, making every employee fully involved in working. And I strongly believe that competition brings about progress.?

In conclusion, the joint venture is much more suitable for me to work in than the state-owned business, for I prefer a higher salary, as well as a more competitive atmosphere.?



As to myself, I prefer the latter view. An opportunity to start a business exerts a tremendous fascination on a great number of people, with no exception to me. In my view, With the competition in the job market becoming increasingly fierce for college graduates,some ambitious students have tried their hands at launching their own businesses. Over the years,there have been many successful cases of student entrepreneurship and such attempts should be encouraged and promoted by both the universities and the society at large. What’s more ,College students who start businesses are pioneers,among whom will be born China’s future business leaders. Faced with unknown challenges, they are audacious enough to embark on a perilous journey while most of their peers enjoy stable salaries by working as white-collars at high-end office buildings.

All in all, the essential difference between the students who find a job or those students who create their own businesses is that the former are docile followers whereas the latter are aggressive trailblazers. For this reason, business-launching college graduates are more admirable,and thus they command our deep respect.



Upon graduation, virtually all college students will confront the problem of the career choice,which is truly a tough choice. Students' opinions differ greatly on this issue. Some hold that priority should be given to take a job, but others take the attitude that going to a graduate school is the most critical factor influencing their future career choices.

As to myself, I prefer the latter view. A higher educational background exerts a tremendous fascination on a great number of people, with no exception to me. This phenomenon that the graduates have difficulties in finding job after their graduation can easily be found anywhere in our daily life, especially on campus. ?On the one hand, with the improved high education of Chinese college students which directly brought the result that there are more and more graduates every year. On the contrary, job vacancies don’t increase that fast. More people, less food, which is the exact description of the hard condition. On the other hand, more and more people go on to pursue their master and doctor degree; more and more Chinese oversea students come back to China to hunt better working chances. It is sure that the competition is more and more fierce.

Therefore, it is high time that we took effective measures to improve our own competitiveness. That is the secret of success in the future employment market after our graduation.



Section A ?Conversation

1. [C] It links the science of climate change to economic and policy issues.

2. [B] It would be more costly to deal with its consequences than to avoid it.

3. [A] The transition to low-carbon energy systems.

4. [C] Plan well in advance.

5. [B] What determines success.

6. [D] It means being good at seizing opportunities.

7. [D] Practice is essential to becoming good at something.

8. [C] Being passionate about work can make one wealthy.

Section B ?Passage

9. ? [A] To stump of a giant tree.

10. [B] Wind and water.

11. [D] It was created by supernatural powers.

12. [C] By lifting them well above the ground.

13. [A] They will buy something from the convenience stores.

14. [A] They can bring only temporary pleasures.

15. [D] Small daily savings an make a big difference in one's life.

Section C Lecture

16. [B] They are necessary in our lives.

17. [B] They feel too overwhelmed to deal with life's problem.

18. [A] They expand our mind.

19. [B] It came from a 3D printer.

20. [C] When she was studying at a fashion design school.

21. [C] It was hard and breakable.

22. [D] It marks a breakthrough in printing material.

23. [A] They arise from the advances in technology.

24. [D] It is intensively competitive.

25. [D] Sharing of costs with each other.


Section A

26. [O] vanished

27. [M] undergone

28. [D] expanding

29. [K] survived

30. [H] process

31. [L] terminals

32. [E] industrialized

33. [F] perceived

34. [B] conveniences

35. [G] practice

Section B

Countries Rush for Upper Hand in Antarctica

36. [J]

37. [C]

38. [E]

39. [G]

40. [D]

41. [I]

42. [B]

43. [H]

44. [Q]

45. [L]

Section C

passage one

46. [D] It has little impact on their decision whether or not to quit smoking.

47. [A] Pass a law to standardise cigarette packaging.

48. [B] The number of smokes has dropped more sharply than in the UK.

49. [A] Prime Minister Cameron has been reluctant to take action.

50. [C] They made more British people obese.

passage two

51. [A] It is worthwhile after all.

52. [D] Most of them take jobs which don't require a college degree.

53. [C] Interactions among themselves outside the classroom.

54. [B] Meting people who will be helpful to you in the future.

55. [D] The prestige of the university influences employers' recruitment decisions.




With China’s booming economy, the number of people who learn Chinese grows rapidly. It makes Chinese become one of the favorite languages that people would like to learn. Recently, Chinese universities rise significantly in world university rankings. Since the significant progress made in Chinese education, it is no wonder that China has been one of the most favored places for overseas students. In 2015, nearly 40,0000 international students swarmed into the Chinese market. Not confined to Chinese language and culture, the subjects they choose to learn also include science and engineering. Although the global market is still dominated by US and UK, China is striving to catch up.



With the improvement of living standards, vacation plays a more important role in the Chinese life. In the past, they had spent most of their time making a living and barely had a chance to travel. However, China’s tourism industry flourishes in recent years. Economic prosperity and the emergence of the affluent middle class leads to an unprecedented tourism boom. Chinese people like to travel both at home and abroad, and overseas trips have become increasingly common among them. During the National Day holiday in 2016, tourism spending totaled more than 400 billion yuan. World Trade Organization estimates that China will become the world’s largest tourist country by 2020, and it will also become one of the fastest-growing countries on outbound tourism spending in the next few years.



Nowadays it is common to encounter a scene when people want to see things happen but can't make things happen for various reasons. The most important reason is that they just refuse to create and innovate. With the accelerated pace of our society, more and more people recognize the importance of creation that is bound to make a difference in social productivity.

As far as I am concerned, we should all have the notion of being the participants of supporting creation. First of all, creation is the most vital factor to improve the inner competitiveness of our nation. For another, it is certain that creation is so essential that enables many people to find their positions in the company and careers in their lives.

Measures are also needed to encourage creation. First and foremost, the government should establish certain rules to sweep up the obstacles of invention. Some people have already complained much about com


In today's highly competitive world, innovation matters enormously to an organization or a country. It is the driving force behind increased competitiveness.

Take growing a successful business as an example. In this day and age, social media are gaining popularity among the general public. A company that only relies on traditional media doing its marketing is more likely to get eliminated in the digital era. Put in another way, a company with its focus on social media to boost its brand recognition stands a better chance of standing out from the crowd. ?Clearly, innovation is a vital contributing factor to business success.

What can be done to encourage innovation? To name only a few: Above all, a business or a country should strive to build a corporate culture or a social climate that values innovation. Second, anyone who participates in the innovation process should be rewarded. Third, we are in urgent need of an education system that stresses innovation over mechanical learning.

Simply put, innovation is an important force that pushes our society forward.



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