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  Kelly escaped to managed to save her car after the four-mile road came out of the driving down the high way .Rattlesnakes are poisonous and threat to the people generally. But the woman say the rattlesnake terrified her on her ways . It has big nails on the way to pick up her friend. I don’t know when my hands on my steer or not. But I can guarantee myself. She said the snake the was first under the seat until she could get out of the high way. Here he comes, the snake tries to find its road and get out of the car. Kelly called for help and, Washington control animal office would capture the snake.

  Q1:How did Kelly feel when she first came across the Rattlesnake?

  Q2:What does the report say about the Rattlesnake?


  (3)Fast food turns out isn’t quite as fast as it used to be. A new study finds that MacDonald posts its slowest drives through times since this survey was first inducted fifty years ago. As MacDonald’s, customers were spent on average three minutes and nine seconds from the time they placed their orders until they were receive their food. About ten seconds more, they began to straight average and lots slower than the decade ago, according to the study, which was commissioned by QSR, an industry trade publication, and MacDonald wasn’t alone in slowing down. Other changes also saw their drive through performance slowing down. (4)Among the reasons for the slower surveys, today there are more choices on the menu,and products themselves are more complex and take longer to prepare. Speed, of course, is essential to the drive through experience, and drive through are hugely important to chace such as MacDonald, Burger King, and Tucle Bell. Usually, the drive through accounts for sixty to seventy percent of all business that goes through a fast food restaurant, notes Song Ochers, editor of QSR. Of course, consumers also want their orders to prepare correctly and on that score, Ochers says accuracy is still really high.

  3. What is news report mainly about?

  4. What has slow down MacDonald drive through service?


  A:Hey Sophia, how are you doing?

  B: Hi, Bob. I’m good,thanks. Actually, I’m on holiday with my family in Thailand at the moment,although I wish it were with my friends instead.

  A: Really? You never said you are going to Thailand. How I envy you !

  B: I’ve only been in here a week, but you know Thailand is an amazing place, I’m having a great time here. In fact, I’m now lying on the beach in Phuket. I’ve been in the sun for around 15 minutes only, and I’m already getting sun burnt. Have you been here before?

  A: No, I wish I had. What else have you been doing in Thailand besides enjoying the sun?

  B: Well,I met a guy from Germany yesterday. He showed me around the office that he works at. Then I met many volunteer teachers who are mainly young people from Europe.

  A: Ahh, that’s interesting.

  B: Yes. I also made a new little friend, Sarah. She was so cute. I was so sad that we were to leave at the end of the day. If I ever come back to Thailand, I’d definitely visit this place again, as a volunteer.

  A: Well, you can tell me all about it when you get back. My phone battery is almost dead now. Remember to get me something from the souvenir shops. I like to collect bits and pieces from different parts of the world. Bye now, enjoy yourself Sophia.

  B: Bye.

  Q8: What does the woman say she is doing now?

  Q9: What did the woman do yesterday?

  Q10: Why does the man have to end the conversation?

  Q11: Why does the man ask the woman to bring him something from Thailand?


  In today’s job market, it is not a common for job seekers to send applications for many positions. That is lots of time and lots of work to organize. Certainly, you can’t want to waste your precious hours on following the developments on the fashion, and miss the important deadlines, confuse interview times or forget to follow up a result. Accordingly, managing our work search properly is just as important as identify the job opportunities and send your applications. If you familiar with Microsoft Excel or a similar program, creating a table is a simple and effective way to keep track your job applications. If the excel isn’t used as drinking a cup of tea, don’t worried. You can create a table in Microsoft. Google is another tool to help you to organize your work effectively. If you have a G-mail account, you can create a safe and send tables in addition to read a document like your cover letter and resume. You can also link up with Google calendar to make sure you make top with the important dates. Clearly, there plenty of days to keep track of search and to make efforts to simplify your job search well paid off. Nevertheless you should always focus on the quality not the quantity. Only you apply the position you are qualified for, and make each application count, personalizing each cover letters and updating your resume.

  16.What does the speaker say about today’s jobseekers?

  17.What kind of job do applicants can do with the help of the Google?

  18.What does the speaker suggest the jobseekers do?


  Before there was the written word, there was the language of dance. Dance expresses love and hate, joy and sorrow, life and death, and everything else in between. (22) Dance in America is everywhere. We dance from Florida to Alaska, from Harison to Harison and coast to coast. We dance at weddings,birthdays, office parties or just to fill the time. (23) “I adore dancing,” says Lester Bridges, the owner of a dance studio in a small town in Iowa. “I can‘t imagine doing anything else with my life.“ Bridges runs dance classes for all ages. ”Teaching dance is wonderful. My older students say it makes them feel young. It’s marvellous to watch them. For many of them, it‘s a way of meeting people and having a social life.” So why do we dance? “I can tell you about one young couple,” says Bridges. “They arrive at the class in a bad mood and they leave with a smile. Dancing seems to change their mood completely.” (24)

  So, do we dance in order to make ourselves feel better, calmer, healthier? Andrea Hillier, a dance teacher says,“Dance, like the pattern of a beating heart, is life. Even after all these years, I want to get better and better. I keep practicing even when I‘m exhausted. I find it hard to stop! Dancing reminds me I’m alive.”

  22. What does the passage say about the dance in America?

  23. What do we know about the Lester Bridges dance studio?

  24. What happened to the young couple after they attended last Bridges in class?

?听力答案 ?卷2(卷1听力,见页尾有道版答案)


Section A 选词填空(卷1)

文章来源:Interesting Engineering —?《Skyscraper Covered in Solar Panels is Europe’s Largest”》


  • 26. E constructed

  • 27. O undertaken

  • 28. F consulted

  • 29. M range

  • 30. N scale

  • 31. I eventually

  • 32. K necessarily

  • 33. L production

  • 34. A cheaper

  • 35. J height

Section B 段落信息匹配 卷1

文章来源:BuzzFeed?News—?《Some?College Students Are Angry They Have To Pay To Do Their Homework》


  • 36—K

  • 37—D

  • 38—M

  • 39—G

  • 40—B

  • 41—L

  • 42—H

  • 43—F

  • 44—J

  • 45—C

Section C 仔细阅读

Passage one

题目来源《Time?》—?《Why?Teaching someone else is the best way to learn??》


46. A. Seneca's thinking is still applicable today

  • 问题:What are researchers rediscovering through their studies?

  • 解析:问题题干中的“researchers”和“today”是解题的关键,对应到文中第一段的“Now scientists are bringing this ancient wisdom up-to-date”。选项中“Seneca’s thinking “ 对应到“this ancient wisdom” ,而“still applicable”对应到“bring…up-to-date”,故答案为A。?

47.B. It is a teaching tool under development

  • 问题:What do we learn about “Betty’s Brain”?

  • 解析:根据“Betty’s Brian”定位,定位到第三段,而该段的段首便强调“ But the most cutting-edge tool under development is the “teaching agent” “ ,意味着整段文字要叙述的主要是和“ tool “有关的信息,且选项中的”under development”和原文信息重合,故答案为B。?

48 C. It helps them learn their academic subjects better.

  • 问题:How does teaching others benefit student tutors?

  • 解析: 根据顺序原则,定位区间在第三段中后部分。第三段最后两句话中“ While prepare to teach” ,“explain the information to others” 对应到“teaching others”,而“ organize their knowledge and improve their own understanding” 以及“identify problems in their own thinking ”则对应到选项中的“ learn their academic subjects better” .故答案为C。?

49 D. They use various ways to explain the materials.

  • 问题:Whatdo students do to teach their teachable agents?

  • 解析:根据顺序原则,定位到第四段。第四段中“ explain the materials in different ways ”恰好与选项中“ use various ways to explain the materials” 为信息的同义改写,故答案为D。?

50 B. Their emotional involvement

  • 问题:What is the key factor that eases student tutors’ learning?

  • 解析:根据顺序原则,以及“key” 对应到最后一段的第一句话。“key”与“Above all” 为同义改写,故答案应在此句中出现。“ Facilitate learning ” 对应到题干中“ eases student tutors’ learning”, 而“the emotions one experiences”则对应到选项的“Their emotional involvement”。故答案为B。

Passage two

题目来源:Pew Research Center—?《On Pay Gap, Millennial Women Near Parity—For Now》


  • 51.A. They can get ahead only by striving harder.

  • 52.C. They think it needs further improving.

  • 53.B. Job stability and flexibility.?

  • 54.D. The balance between work and family.

  • 55.A. They still this world as one dominated by males.

四级 卷2(部分答案)

26.C-cast ??27 L-replaced ??28 F-efficient?

29 J-professionals ??30 E-decorative?

31.G-electrified ? ? ??32 I-photographed?

33 B-approach ? ? ? ?34 K-quality?

35.H-identify ??

36-F ?37-C ?38-I ?39-E ?40-B

41-K?42-H ?43-D?44-A?45-G

  • 46. B Add to their work efficiency.?

  • 47. A Earn more money

  • 48. C How long its positive effect lasts.?

  • 49. D Their memories were greatly strengthened.

  • 50. A Find financial support.?

  • 51. C They all experienced terrible misfortunes.

  • 52. B The utmost comfort passengers could enjoy.

  • 53. A It was a mere piece of decoration.?

  • 54. D The belief that they could never sink with a double-layer body.

  • 55. D she was retired after her naval service.??

四级 卷3(部分答案)

26. M-pollutants ? ? ??27. N-restricted?

28. C-consequence ??29. J-innovation

30. F-detail ? ? ? ? ? ? ??31. K-intended

32. L-outdoor ? ? ? ? ??33. B-collaborating

34. I-inhabitants ? ? ??35. E-creating

  • 46.A.Not all of them are symptoms of dementia.

  • 47.C.Communication within our brain weakens.

  • 48.B.Inability to recall details of one’s life experience.

  • 49.C.Turn to a professional for assistance.

  • 50.D.Staying active both physically and mentally

  • 51. B) It was stolen more than once

  • 52. D) They pressed criminal charges in vain?

  • 53. D) His acknowlegement of helpful from a professional

  • 54. D) Make it available online?

  • 55. B) Radical changes in archivong practices



In recent years,? Chinese cities in increasing numbers have started building subways. Expanding subway networks contributes to reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. Subways are safe, rapid and comfortable. An increasing amount of people choose subways as their main means of transportation while going to work or school every single day. At present, it is progressively convenient for passengers to take underground trains in China. In some cities, passengers are able to pay for subway tickets merely by a card or a cellphone. Many local senior citizens can even take a subway with no charge.



In the past, for most Chinese people, it was hard to imagine to travel by plane. Nowadays, with the development of economy and improvement of living standards, more and more Chinese people can travel by air, including farmers and people workers outside their hometown. They can take planes to all big cities. Many other cities are also planning to build airports. Air service is continually improving, and there are often flight tickets with special prices. In recent years, the number of people who travel by air on holidays has been increasing.(基础版

In old days, for most Chinese people, it was beyond imagination that we could travel by air. Nowadays, with the advancement of economy and improvement of living standard, there are a growing number of Chinese people, including farmers and migrant workers, are able to afford air traveling. All the big cities are their destinations while new airports are to be constructed in many other cities. Air service is continually improving, and sometimes there will be special offers for air tickets. In recent years, the number of people who choose to travel by air during holidays is constantly increasing.(进阶版

In the past, it was difficult for most Chinese people to imagine a time when they could travel by plane. At present, however, with the development of economy and the enhancement of living standards, Chinese people in increasing numbers, including many peasants and migrant workers, are able to travel by air. They can reach all big cities by airplane and many cities are preparing to built airfields. Air services have been continuously improved and there are often low cost airlines. In recent years, the number of people who would like to travel by plane during holidays has been growing.(网络版)



Buses used to be a major traffic tool for Chinese people when they were getting around. In recent years, traffic problems in cities have been increasingly severe. To encourage more people to take buses when they go out, many cities are making efforts to improve the quality of services on buses. Vehicle facilities have been continuously renewed and the vehicle speed has been dramatically enhanced. However, the bus fair has been kept quite low. At present, many local senior citizens in most cities can take a bus with no charge.(网络版)

Bus was an important mode of transportation for Chinese people. In recent years, because the number of private cars has been increasing, the problem of traffic in cities has been more and more serious. To encourage more people to go out by bus, many cities have been trying hard to improve the quality of bus service. The equipment of buses is continually updating, and the speed of buses has been significantly improved too. However, the price of bus tickets is still very low. Nowadays, in many big cities, many local old people can take buses for free.(基础版

Bus used to be a main mode of transportation for Chinese people. In recent years, with the mounting number of private cars, the transportation issue in cities is becoming increasingly severe. Many cites have been making their efforts to improve the bus service in order to encourage more people to take buses when going out. The facilities of buses are updating continually. The speed is significantly improved as well. Nevertheless, bus fares are still quite low. Nowadays, local senior citizens in most cities are eligible for free bus rides.(进阶版


四级作文 卷1

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay?on the importance of speaking/writing/readng ability?and how to develop it. 120-180 words.

Model(speaking ability)

With our society becoming increasingly open and diversified, the speaking ability is of growing importance in our life and work. In the past, people who were not eloquent could become successful when they were diligent enough. However, now, speaking ability can make a person stand out much quicker in their workplace and social life.

The reasons why speaking ability is so important are as follows. To begin with, people of excellent speaking ability are generally more charming and approachable because they tend to be more friendly and frank. Besides, every walk of life has become more cooperative; therefore, more communicative peole have higher working efficiency. For example, my brother used to be a quiet person. Two years ago, I was told that he was fired by his company because he could not get along with his colleagues. After that, he attended a speaking training class and spent a year in improving his eloquence. Now, he has become more confident and found a new job with generous salary.

In order to develop speaking ability, listening to good speeches and famous talk shows can help us imitate great lecturers’ style of speaking and ways of expressing themselves. Meanwhile, it is about time that we spent more time with our friends rather than with our phones, sharing with them our real feelings and thoughts.






As is described in the picture, the teacher istelling her student that it is through reading thatpeople install new software, namely newknowledge, into their brains. I approve of suchstatement because reading is of greatsignificance in our life.

First and foremost, reading is the basic way inwhich we acquire knowledge of the world.Although we can obtain new information throughvarious means, for example, watching TV, westill gain most knowledge directly or indirectly bymeans of reading. Secondly, books are thestepping stones to human progress. Being therecord of human experience, books open a worldof knowledge and wisdom for us. Throughreading we can grasp abundant knowledge andstep forward. In addition, reading is also animportant way of recreation. From reading wecan get pleasure and relaxation. When we areengrossed in reading, we enter a world of ourownleaving all the troubles behind

To sum up, reading is a necessity for our life.Young people should focus more on reading, nomatter when or where.



The picture illustrates the importance of writing ability. When observing the world from a personal perspective, it is deducible that the ability of writing is playing an important role and hence becomes a great concern of society. However, how we can develop this ability is the problem that literally everyone needs to face.

The first approach to develop our writing is to read more widely. This is because the enlargement of our knowledge pool can enrich our understanding at those fields. The second useful method of improving our writing is by learning from others’ writing techniques and then practicing them by ourselves. Last but not least, it can be beneficial for us to communicate with classmates who write well. This communication can be reached by exchanging essays. Ask one of them for his or her suggestions in order to capture your mistakes and shortcomings.

In a word, society should focus on educating people with their writing ability as long as the attention has been drawn. Only in this way can our world continue to prosper in the future.



The picture illustrates the importance of speaking ability. Nowadays, people usually pay more attention to their speaking ability, believing that better speaking means better communication. There is some truth in this statement, the ability to speak well is an important factor for successful communication.?

For my perspectives, effective communication should be carefully planned. Firstly, speak slowly and briefly so as to make others understand completely. Secondly, we need to express ourselves in all sincerity and with warmth. Thirdly, we should focus on what other says and appreciate his opinions. Meanwhile, we also need to give positive feedback by nodding or smiling while listening.?

In conclusion, learning to speak well seems like making a great building. We can tell that people with strong ability in speaking enjoy more opportunities to promote and express oneself, and people who lack of such capability would fail to achieve that.



?1)describe the drawing or table;(图片描述)


2. 图片描述最佳时态:现在进行时;

3. 图片描述(简要描述)尽量不超过三句话,(具体描述需稍微多点);

4. 图片描述必备句:as is vividly deminstrated /illustrated / depicted in the picture;

5. 使用动词,副词等增强画面感

???2)explain its intended meaning;(难点)确定主旨:


方法二:需强调学生上下文的衔接(参考下面 Sentence patterns for reference:)

???3)give your comments. 此处乃行文重点(包括解决策略等)

2.Writing model:(写作模板)

As is vividly described in the drawing above, 画图内容. The drawing does reflect a common social phenomenon and is really thought-provoking.(令人深思)

The implied meaning of the drawing should be taken into account seriously. To begin with, 揭示含义 ? What's more, 揭示含义 ? ?The current social phenomenon should arouse the great concern of our whole society.

In my view, ?措施1. In order to eliminate the current evil phenomenon revealed in the drawing, relevant laws and regulations must be established to ?措施2. Only in this way can 要实现的目标.

3. 图表作文套句50个

1. the table shows the changes in the number of...over the period from...to...该表格描述了在...年之...年间...数量的变化。

? ?
2. the bar chart illustrates that...该柱状图展示了...

3. the graph provides some interesting data regarding...该图为我们提供了有关...有趣数据。

4. the diagram shows (that)...该图向我们展示了...

5. the pie graph depicts (that)....该圆形图揭示了...

6. this is a cure graph which describes the trend of...这个曲线图描述了...的趋势。

7. the figures/statistics show (that)...数据(字)表明...

8. the tree diagram reveals how...该树型图向我们揭示了如何...

? ?
9. the data/statistics show (that)...该数据(字)可以这样理解...

10. the data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that...这些数据资料令我们得出结论...


11. as is shown/demonstrated/exhibited in the diagram/graph/chart/table...如图所示...

12. according to the chart/figures...根据这些表(数字)...

13. as is shown in the table...如表格所示...

14. as can be seen from the diagram,great changes have taken place in...从图中可以看出,...发生了巨大变化。

15. from the table/chart/diagram/figure,we can see clearly that...or it is clear/apparent from the chart that...从图表我们可以很清楚(明显)看到...

16. this is a graph which illustrates...这个图表向我们展示了...

17. this table shows the changing proportion of a & b from...to...该表格描述了...年到...年间a与b的比例关系。

18. the graph,presented in a pie chart, shows the general trend in...该图以圆形图形式描述了...总的趋势。

19.this is a column chart showing...这是个柱型图,描述了...
20.as can be seen from the graph,the two curves show the flutuation of...如图所示,两条曲线描述了...的波动情况。


21.over the period from...to...the...remained level.在...至...期间,...基本不变。

22.in the year between...and...在...年到...期间...

23.in the 3 years spanning from 1995 through 1998...1995年至1998三年里...
24.from then on/from this time onwards...从那时起...

25.the number of...remained steady/stable from (month/year) to (month/year).??...月(年)至...月(年)...的数量基本不变。

26. the number sharply went up to...?数字急剧上升至...

27. the percentage of...stayed the same between...and......至...期间...的比率维持不变。

28. the figures peaked at...in(month/year)?...的数目在...月(年)达到顶点,为...

29. the percentage remained steady at...比率维持在...

30. the percentage of...is sightly larger/smaller than that of......的比例比...的比例略高(低)。

? ??

31. there is not a great deal of difference between...and......与...的区别不大。

32. the graphs show a threefold increase in the number of...该图表表明...的数目增长了三倍。

33. ...decreased year by year while...increased steadily....逐年减少,而...逐步上升。

34. the situation reached a peak(a high point at) of[%]....的情况(局势)到达顶(高)点,为...百分点。

35. the figures/situation bottomed out in...数字(情况)在...达到底部。

? ??

36. the figures reached the bottom/a low point/hit a trough.数字(情况)达到底部(低谷)。

37. a is ...times as much/many as b.a是b的...倍。

38. a increased by...a增长了...

39. a increased to...a增长到...

40. percentage.比低高(低)

? ??

41. there is an upward trend in the number of......数字呈上升趋势。

42. a considerable increase/decrease occurred from...to......到...发生急剧上升。

43. from...to...the rate of decrease slow down.从...到...,下降速率减慢。

44. from this year on,there was a gradual declinel reduction in the...,reaching a figure of...从这年起,...逐渐下降至...

45. be similar to...与...相似

? ?

46. be the same as...与...相同

47. there are a lot similarities/differences between...and......与...之间有许多相似(不同)之处

48. a has something in common with ba于b有共同之处。

49. the difference between a and b lies in...a与b之间的差别在于...

50. ..(year)witnessed/saw a sharp rise in......年...急剧上升。

















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